The Chosen Path


Exploring the Unknown

The Chosen Path is a creative expression that feeds curiosity and sometimes validation of the various journeys we all take.  I hope that you take away inspiration from our guests and the conversations we unpack as you make your own trek through life.

Mt. Tom South Face

I can’t always tell you where the story is going to go but we will always start with a theme tied to the guest or some of the experiences our guest has had on their life journey.

One of the truisms of The Chosen Path and our podcast shows is choice.  As the Chosen Path’s Field Guide, I believe that all we have in life is the ability to choose.  We have freewill to choose anything from the endless field of possibility.  We choose something, then act on that choice, then choose again and it is that infinite arc of choices that governs the path of experiences we walk.  Hence the name, The Chosen Path.’