Meet Your Chosen Path Field Guide

In 2021, I was fortunate to be able to finish 5 of America’s toughest gravel races. Finishing is a start.

I am a run of the mill cyclist that’s now on the other side of 50 that has a special love for gravel racing probably due to races roll through remote and beautiful country and they are endurance driven, which tests me, and I definitely need testing.

It’s been an interesting ride for sure. I was fortunate to be at the front of the formation of the social media industry as one of the original founding members of the industry’s first trade group (I’m sorry) and also the explosive growth of the craft beer industry as an owner of a craft brewery serving much of the Midwestern United States (I am not sorry).

I am a data geek, which makes me curious and a wholly average artist, which makes me resilient.

My last start-up go around took its toll. It wreaked my physical health, my mental health, my self-worth, finances, family. In two instances, it nearly killed me and left me with PTSD and a few other issues that needed to be dealt with.

It left me seriously questioning my value on this planet.

However, rather than throw a pity party, I decided it was time to change. To shed the persona I was not and to change directions both personally and professionally.

Today, I run a small consulting firm focused on consumer product development, innovation and growth strategies.

I also am, thanks to a couple good friends, rededicated on exploring my curiosity, thirst for knowledge and creativity in part through this podcast as well as the journal and sketch book that I now carry with me.

To me, this is also a journey into the unknown. I don’t know how or where this will go, but I have a vision for it and will work doggedly to make it something that is worth your while as well.

The Chosen Path podcast is run by The Chosen Path Media. That is me, my wife and a few friends and associates. We are a small team but committed to making a big impact.

If you want to get in touch with us, please reach out. We respond to every single in-bound request, idea and comment.