S2 E2 The Chosen Path | The Climb | How to Find What Serves You The Chosen Path

You control reality or reality controls you.  This concept is in fact true.  With the gift of freewill, you either select from the limited choices of what is presented to in the world-the daydream that is today or you can choose a different script all together if you find that today's script doesn't suit or serve you.  In Episode 5 we delve into how to determine if you are in the right or wrong place and what to do about it.  If you choose to free yourself to explore something that is both better and which truly fits who you are, rather than the persona you are acting out today, then this episode is for you.  It is a journey inward, which will allow you to re-write the outward.  Hope you enjoy and find value.  If you do, share it with others and give the podcast a review.  It helps.
  1. S2 E2 The Chosen Path | The Climb | How to Find What Serves You
  2. S2 E1 The Chosen Path | The Power of Purpose
  3. S1 E3 | Chris Tanner | Writing Your Own Story
  4. S1. E.002 | The Chosen Path | Where Does Happiness Reside?
  5. S1. E001 | The Chosen Path | The Climb. Conquering Self Doubt

Episode 001 | The Climb: Choosing a New Path

The Climb is a shorter podcast that The Chosen Path does from time to time.  This episode happens to be The Chosen Path’s inaugural episode.  

This episode covers how and why we often repeat yesterday’s patterns and get stuck, and how to break free of this un-virtuous cycle.  In this episode of The Climb, I unpack how this podcast came to be through a period that was very much a dark night of the soul.   I also go into why we chose to name the shorter episodes ‘The Climb’, so we cover a lot in 30 minutes.

This episode is sans-guests.  Since it was our first one, we decided that it would be best to set the stage for what’s to come, as well as give our listeners a taste of the kind of subjects and the general approach we take to the topics we tackle.

Parental advisory.  There are a few salty words used in this podcast.  Just a few, used sparingly and carefully to add a bit of zest to what is being served up.  A bit like Turmeric I think.