The Power in Purpose

What would you do if you were on top of your game, successful in achieving the results you wanted with your career, considered an industry leader, doing all the right things and secure in your life then in a matter of hours it all comes to an abrupt and unexpected halt.

What if everything you had worked so hard went away in an instant? Your savings. Your reputation. Your friends. Your direction. Would you collapse? Would you implode?

Think about this for a moment. What would you do?

Sometimes you have to go through the worst experiences of your life to get to the best, but along the way you have to grow. You have to trust in yourself and your place in the universe. You have to believe that you have not yet tapped into your reason for being-your purpose. However, getting there isn’t all that easy. However, it is possible.

That is what Episode 4 is all about. Finding Your True Purpose.

Starting Over.

I had this blog post written and deleted all of it but the introduction, which is above. 1,178 words. Three hours of work.

Why did I do this?

It was well written and compelling.

The problem is it was all bullshit. So I started over. There was nothing wrong with the content. Actually had I published it, it may have been helpful to quite a few. The issue was it was disingenuous. Finding true purpose in life is like trying to find your way in the dark. I wasn’t there yet myself and writing like I was wasn’t what I wanted to publish.

As the Field Guide for The Chosen Path, my job isn’t to be a teacher, it is to be a guide. That’s it.

My path in many respect has been a lot like Tom’s. With very important exception.

Tom knew what his purpose was and his path to that illuminated. Mine has been a bit more murky. There was no real defined ‘moment’ for me or so I thought. Maybe you can identify with that. Something in my life has been off. Perhaps recognizing that something was off was my ‘moment’. I don’t know.

Wearing Someone Else’s Clothes

I started to live someone else’s life a long time ago. I was taught that being creative was a weakness, so I put it in a drawer. Being an entrepreneur, a tech start up CEO was a strength, so that is what I did. It wasn’t who I was, I was marginal at it and I hated it. I just wouldn’t admit to myself that I was wearing someone else’s clothes. I was living essentially a lie because it wasn’t who I really was. It was instead a costume I put on.

Realizing and more importantly accepting this was a turning point. Not only was I on the wrong path, I was on the wrong side of the mountain. I had never given myself permission to embrace what felt right and choose that path. That is, until I finally woke up and gave myself that permission.

Keep in mind, only you hold this power. Thinking that others hold this power over you is an illusion. Ignore what you see and think and follow your heart. I had to learn that.

I had won a global award for innovation. I held 10 patents. So what? Today, I couldn’t tell you where this plaque is and I don’t care.

Siri says turn left

The best way to describe it is like this. Imagine you are in a city you don’t live in but have visited several times before, and are navigating to a destination in a rental car. You’ve punched the coordinates in and are getting the instructions, but you think you recognize a landmark and ignore the directions. You get irritated with the instructions to make a U-Turn and turn navigation off. Instead, you follow what you think is right. Because you are convinced you are right until you come to your senses and admit you have no bloody idea where you are.

Only when you admit to yourself you are hopelessly lost that you turn the navigation back on and follow the instructions. When you do this, you admit to yourself you are lost and you cede control and await your instructions which will get you on the right path.

Anything Resonating?

Hopefully, at least one person will relate to this. If this is you, read on.

At some point, I realized that who I was wasn’t who I was. I was on the wrong path. I was lost. So I decided to take off the ego, the trappings and beliefs that I had donned myself with that were not mine and set them down. Then I sat down on the path, closed my eyes and listened for something. I knew I’d recognize it when I heard it. I was listening for a sign from the universe about which direction to head.

This is the hard part. Really hard. Stop listening to your mind and start listening to your heart. Your mind doesn’t want to lose control so it won’t shut up. It will throw the kitchen sink at you. Be sure of that but eventually it starts to quiet. Long enough for you to hear what you’ve been listening for. Mind you, when you get up and start to walk a different direction, your mind won’t stay silent. Prepare for plenty of sneak attacks.

The odd thing is your mind isn’t concerned with your happiness or well being. It is only concerned with maintaining control and remaining entrenched in the patterns that are familiar. Change is bad for the mind, even is change is the right thing for the soul.

Read that again.

So, if you are on a new path or even if you have sat down and are listening for new directions, do not give up. Do not go back, no matter how hard or scary it is right now. Forge ahead.

Some of you may think this is all stupid new-age stuff. That’s fine. We all choose our own paths. Just remember that what we physically see is an infinitesimally small portion of reality. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there or accessible. There are better alternatives out there for each of us. We simply need to recognize that and to choose different.

Finding Purpose.

Finding my true purpose began with taking off everything I was wearing that didn’t belong to me. It continued with sitting down and listening (both figuratively and literally). The last year has been tumultuous to say the least. Because it has filled with change. However, I know I am on the path where my purpose lies, because I see signs of it nearby all around me.

Look for the Signs.

Toxic people will leave your life. The universe doesn’t want them there. Their energy doesn’t resonate with your new path.

The right people miraculously show back up because their energy does resonate. These people will play a role in your new journey and you finding your purpose. Know that to be true.

The headwinds you have been fighting externally will lessen or go away (this does not mean you don’t create your own in your head, you will. Just recognize it and cede control back to the universe. You are not in charge. All you get to do is chose and then act.)

Synchronicities start to happen.

Signs of your purpose will start to appear. Look for them. They will not be obvious.

Follow Your Signs and Your Purpose Will Appear.

Another word picture for you…Think of this this process like walking through the woods where you find yourself hopelessly lost. What do you do once you realize you are for-real-lost?

First you sit down and calm yourself. Shut your mind off. Listen.

You hear water nearby. Getting up, you find a brook flowing down hill. You follow it to a larger stream, which runs through a valley. You follow the flow of the water. Listening again, you hear off in the far distance, faint as hell, the rumble of a semi using its engine brake. It is so far off you almost missed it. But you didn’t. You heard it.

Follow the river to where you heard the engine. You are closer and hear another. That truck is on a road, which leads to civilization. You are still in the woods, but you have direction. You have signs you have recognized. You are no longer lost.

So if you feel out of sorts, perhaps you are on the wrong path. Find a new direction by following your heart. Be vigilant for the signs your purpose has left for you. You will find your way home and home is where you will find your purpose waiting.

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